NSW Repeater Maps

VHF Marine Radio Repeaters have been installed in some areas.  These help channel communications over a larger area and can have a range of up to 50 nautical miles to sea. Training courses for the MROVCP or MROCP licence explain the operation of VHF repeaters, how and when they should be used and when NOT to use them.

Marine repeaters are installed purely to enhance safety at sea. Radio traffic through the repeaters must only be of a “safety communications” nature, such as radio checking, position reporting, offshore transit progress, weather observations and forecasts, Log On and Log Off messages and emergency traffic.

Repeaters should only be used once contact with a shore-based station is made and vessels are instructed to change to a repeater channel.

Repeaters MUST NOT be used as “chatter channels”, as this can interrupt urgent safety message handling and is illegal under the ACMA legislation.

It is good boating practice to teach these basic principles of marine radio to others who go boating with you.  Better still, encourage them to enrol with you in a Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency course.