Newsletter - Port Chatter

The Port Chatter is the monthly newsletter of Marine Rescue NSW, Port Stevens unit.  It is distributed free to all members of the unit, its advertisers, sponsors, and other interested members of the community.

Contributions are most welcome from all members, advertisers, sponsors or other interested community members.  They should be accompanied by the author’s name, address and phone number, and can be emailed to the editor at ua.mo1607213132c.wsn1607213132eucse1607213132renir1607213132am@sn1607213132ehpet1607213132strop1607213132.roti1607213132de1607213132.   Contributions are subject to review by the Executive Committee prior to publishing.

Advertisers will be surprised at the very competitive rates.  Enquiries are welcomed, and Monthly Special Deals for members are encouraged.  Contact the editor at
ua.mo1607213132c.wsn1607213132eucse1607213132renir1607213132am@sn1607213132ehpet1607213132strop1607213132.roti1607213132de1607213132  for more information.

Sponsors can make tax-deductible donations to Marine Rescue NSW Port Stephens.  All sponsorships will be acknowledged in Port Chatter if requested.

Port Chatter Newsletter available for download